« To whoever wants to listen » features the artists from the improbable world of Noise and extreme music, who have decided to take transgression to new limits in ways that are diverse to say the least.
From the human voice to ordinary objects or instruments used in ways that are quite different to those for which they were designed, they develop their own language and shake up their listeners, plunging them into worlds of sound with unknown topographies.
Brought together behind closed doors for the purposes of the film, these 9 turbulent French, European and South American artists confront and question their practices. An opportunity for each of them to give us an unprecedented performance…

With (in order of performances):

Romain Perrot aka VOMIR (France)
Harsh Noise Wall
Without machines or instruments, he stands in an immobile brutality, a plastic bag over his head.
It’s all about fully listening to the noise. To immerse oneself in it. To find something in it, and to end up forgetting it in order to lose oneself, one’s thoughts, the unity of nothing.

Joachim Montessuis (France)
Voice, screams, computer
Trans disciplinary artist, poet, creator of sound installations, Noise musician, the vocal performances he presents around the world explore different states of trance, through electronic transformations of shouting, and throaty and noisy singing.

Nina Garcia aka Mariachi (France)
Guitar, small objects, effects
The guitarist has the nervous gesture in her improvisations. Spontaneous compositions during which fully mastered parts and intentionally expressed sounds come to be pushed by others, accidentally and totally unexpected…

Sajjra Chrs Galarreta (Peru)
Faulty electronic components
For the past ten years, Christian has been pursuing a project that he has named “Computer Music Zombie”, a sound experiment based on the manipulation of magnetic fields from damaged computer components and electronic scrap.

Deeat Palace (France)
Distorted rhythms and analog power
Her sound universe is somewhere between harshnoise and experimental electronic. Some kind of primitive universe where voice and feedback combine with powerful and mechanical sounds. With the help of a very sober set, she asserts a primary, chaotic, abrasive techno music… A musical approach that invites an uncomfortable yet almost dancing trance.

Alessandra Zerbinati (Italy)
Harsh Noise performance
The sound and visual universe of this artist is tense and heavy. We are talking about Noise and, in this case, extreme Noise. Alessandra sculpts sounds and noises, welds frequencies and dissolves apocalyptic voices. It is also her body which speaks, which she sounds and brutalizes, propelling us towards a dark elsewhere, nourished, among other things, by her revolt against violence against women…

Arnaud Rivière (France)
Turntable, mixing desk and iron rods
Around an old turntable, a mixing desk and some microphones/sensors, Arnaud proposes a primitive electronic music where gestures have a sound and the sounds have gestures. Raw, his performances are rather unique and particular…

Andy Bolus aka Evil Moisture (UK)
Modified tape players and modified electronic devices
A kind of Dinosaur of the Noise scene, Andy has been producing for more than 25 years a concrete low-fi music, around the modification of electronic circuitry and tape recorders. If he builds his own sound machines, it’s to create sounds that can’t be heard anywhere else, between chaos and sound accidents…

• • • aka Nikola H. Mounoud (Switzerland)
Computer chaos
This artist hacks his own computer to produce a chaotic and dense electronic music: an intense and uncompromising sound mass that shakes up his audience. When he is particularly happy with his performance, he destroys his computer but never twice in the same way! More and more intense noise… Then a shock. And at last peace and silence…

technical information

A film by Jérôme Florenville
90 minutes – 2020
HD – 16/9

In coproduction with La Muse en Circuit – National Center for Music Creation
With the participation of viàVosges
With the support of CNC, Procirep, Angoa and Sacem

Image: Christophe Neuville (Director of photography), Jean Legrand (Assistant & 2nd camera), Dominique Texier (Gaffer), Joseph Emiélot (Scene shifter)
Sound: Anthony Baron
Editing: Karine Germain
Sound editing & pre-Mixing: Franck Gélie
Mixing: Maxime Riaud
Music mixing: Anthony Baron
Colour grading: Laurent Fénart



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