Mamadou Ba is a public writer. Twice a week, he works in a neighbourhood house in Montreuil. There, we meet a father who would like to have a more decent home, a dismissed worker, an undocumented person, an application for naturalization, etc. The list is long. Through these exchanges, Mamadou’s portrait emerges through his job, which he considers more like a mission: to help his immigrant brothers and sisters with their administrative procedures. By following Mamadou, over time, I wanted to rediscover Montreuil, where I live, through my neighbours, both so close and so far from me.

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techinical information

A film by Laurent Chevallier
70 minutes – 2019
HD – 16/9

In association with France Télévisions
In coproduction with Demain!
With the support of CNC, Fonds Images de la Diversité, Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires, de la Procirep et de l’Angoa

Image: Laurent Chevallier
Sound: Erik Ménard, Jean-Christophe Girard
Editing: Isabelle Putod
Original music: Lydia Domancich & Ballaké Sissoko